METRO Highway 17 Express Riders,

Thank you for your ongoing support and input on previous surveys. Your input is invaluable to our efforts to provide you the best service possible under METRO’s financial constraints.

Since last year’s service reduction, METRO has received numerous comments requesting faster service on the Highway 17 Express between Santa Cruz and San Jose –especially during peak hours. Every morning, the first 8 San Jose bound and the first 5 Santa Cruz bound buses serve Cavallaro Transit Center in Scotts Valley. The Santa Cruz bound buses also serve Scotts Valley Dr. With METRO’s currently limited resources, providing additional direct trips is not an option.

Based on your requests to decrease travel times and our review of ridership patterns, METRO is considering TWO changes, which we’d like your thoughts on:

  1. Making the 6:35am OUTBOUND departure (from Santa Cruz Metro Center to San Jose Diridon) a direct express trip. This trip would NO LONGER SERVE SCOTTS VALLEY. This 6:35am outbound trip could arrive at San Jose Diridon at 7:27am instead of 7:40am, in part allowing a better connection with the 7:49am Caltrain Baby Bullet train along with 8am work starts in San Jose.
  2. Making the 7:53am INBOUND departure (from San Jose Diridon to Santa Cruz Metro Center) a direct express trip. This trip would NO LONGER SERVE SCOTTS VALLEY. This 7:53am inbound trip from Diridon Station could arrive at Santa Cruz Metro Center at 8:51am instead of 9:01am, in part allowing UCSC students to get to 9:20am classes along with 9am work starts in downtown Santa Cruz.

In both cases all trips would still serve Pasatiempo and all regular stops in San Jose.

If you have any comments or concerns regarding these proposed changes or the idea of direct Highway 17 trips in general please reply to this post below.

Please provide your email address for any follow up.

Please allow a few seconds for the system to complete your submission.

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