WatsonVille Transit Center Redesign Photo Montage


Santa Cruz METRO and the City of Watsonville have partnered to renovate the Watsonville Transit Center in the heart of downtown Watsonville.


Located at the corner of Rodriguez Street and W. Lake Avenue, the site began its existence as a bank and was later converted in 1994 to serve as Watsonville's primary multimodal transit center.


The primary goal of the renovation project was to transform the current configuration into a smoother operating, visually open, and inviting transit center that is compatible with the downtown Watsonville area and able to meet the City’s needs.



On June 27th, Santa Cruz METRO hosted a Ribbon Cutting Event at Watsonville Transit Center (WTC) to celebrate recent building renovations and the opening of a new Customer Service Information Booth. All the same services as Santa Cruz METRO Center (SCMC) are now provided in a more convenient location for our South County riders, especially for buying Cruz Cards and reloading new value onto them.


In-person transit evaluations for ADA Paratransit (ParaCruz) applicants can now be arranged at WTC by appointment only. Call (831) 425-8600 to schedule.