Spring Service (03/05/2020 - 06/10/2020)

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Santa Cruz to Watsonville
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Trip Details Departs
Santa Cruz Metro Lane 4
Capitola Rd & 7th Ave
Capitola Mall
Cabrillo College
Green Valley & Main
Neilson (Watsonville Hospital)
Airport Blvd (Freedom Centre)
Watsonville Transit Center
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69W Footnote Point 1 6:37am 6:46am 7:00am 7:17am 7:29am Blank Blank 7:37am
69A 7:07am 7:16am 7:30am Blank Blank 7:45am 7:48am 8:07am
69W Footnote Point 1 7:37am 7:46am 8:00am 8:17am 8:29am Blank Blank 8:37am
69A 8:07am 8:16am 8:30am Blank Blank 8:45am 8:48am 9:07am
69W Footnote Point 1 8:37am 8:46am 9:00am 9:17am 9:29am Blank Blank 9:37am
69A 9:07am 9:16am 9:30am Blank Blank 9:45am 9:48am 10:07am
69W Footnote Point 1 9:37am 9:46am 10:00am 10:17am 10:29am Blank Blank 10:37am
69A 10:07am 10:16am 10:30am Blank Blank 10:45am 10:48am 11:07am
69W Footnote Point 1 10:37am 10:46am 11:00am 11:17am 11:29am Blank Blank 11:37am
69A 11:00am 11:11am 11:30am Blank Blank 11:45am 11:49am 12:07pm
69W Footnote Point 1 11:30am 11:41am 12:00pm 12:18pm 12:32pm Blank Blank 12:40pm
69A 12:00pm 12:11pm 12:30pm Blank Blank 12:45pm 12:49pm 1:07pm
69W Footnote Point 1 12:30pm 12:41pm 1:00pm 1:18pm 1:32pm Blank Blank 1:40pm
69A 1:00pm 1:11pm 1:30pm Blank Blank 1:45pm 1:49pm 2:07pm
69W Footnote Point 1 1:30pm 1:41pm 2:00pm 2:18pm 2:32pm Blank Blank 2:40pm
69A 2:00pm 2:13pm 2:30pm Blank Blank 2:50pm 2:55pm 3:15pm
69W Footnote Point 1 2:30pm 2:41pm 3:00pm 3:20pm 3:36pm Blank Blank 3:45pm
69A 3:00pm 3:13pm 3:30pm Blank Blank 3:50pm 3:55pm 4:15pm
69W Footnote Point 1 3:30pm 3:41pm 4:00pm 4:25pm 4:41pm Blank Blank 4:50pm
69A 4:00pm 4:13pm 4:35pm Blank Blank 4:55pm 5:05pm 5:25pm
69W Footnote Point 1 4:30pm 4:41pm 5:00pm 5:25pm 5:41pm Blank Blank 5:50pm
69A 5:00pm 5:13pm 5:30pm Blank Blank 5:50pm 5:55pm 6:15pm
69W Footnote Point 1 5:30pm 5:41pm 6:00pm 6:20pm 6:36pm Blank Blank 6:45pm
69A 6:00pm 6:13pm 6:30pm Blank Blank 6:50pm 6:55pm 7:15pm
69W Footnote Point 1 6:30pm 6:41pm 7:00pm 7:18pm 7:32pm Blank Blank 7:40pm
69W Footnote Point 1 7:37pm 7:46pm 8:00pm 8:17pm 8:29pm Blank Blank 8:37pm
69W Footnote Point 1 8:37pm 8:46pm 9:00pm 9:17pm 9:29pm Blank Blank 9:37pm
Transfers to MST are available from the Bus Operator on Routes 71-79

Footnote Description 1 - Route 69W serves all stops between Metro Center and Cabrillo College, and then serves as a limited express between Cabrillo College and Watsonville Transit Center, stopping only at the time points shown, and these additional stops: Soquel & State Park, Main & Ohlone Parkway, Main & Pennsylvannia, Main & Rodriguez.