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Santa Cruz METRO riders Stay Connected with today's schedule on demand at any bus stop or transit center, and receive real-time subscriber alerts to know whenever schedules are impacted on the routes they ride.


Schedule By Stop:

Today's Schedule at ANY Location

Example: Mobile phone screenshot with outgoing message to 468-311 that reads "SCM 1520" and response message that reads "SC METRO Stop 1520: rt42 3:55p*, rt42 5:55p*, rt42 8:52p (last trip) *=approx


Search for any Location (Bus Stop or Transit Center) and view today's schedule at that Location in complete detail, or text message the Location and receive just the immediate schedule (example shown above).


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Subscriber Alerts:

Text Message or Email Notifications

Example: Mobile phone screenshot with incoming message from 468-311 that reads "Hwy 17 is closed in both directions. All Hwy 17 buses are using Hwy 9 to travel between San Jose and Santa Cruz, expect major delays." and a second message that reads "One lane is now open southbound on Hwy 17. All buses are on regular route, however, expect delays"


Receive text messages, emails, or both!

Subscribers receive route alerts via email or text message, regarding delays, schedule changes, general information, and upcoming agency events (example shown above).


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