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Schedule By Stop: Today's Schedule at ANY Location

All METRO bus stops in Santa Cruz County are designated with a unique 4-digit Bus Stop ID and instructions for use with your mobile phone via web browser or text message to access today's schedule at that specific location.


1) Via this Website: Schedule By Stop

Example: web browser screenshot

  • Use it at home or away via any desktop, tablet, or mobile browser
  • If you already know the Location ID (defined below), as posted at every bus stop, you may jump straight Schedule By Stop at that Location, aiming your browser at: xxxx is an optional Location ID)
  • Can also be used to search for a specific Location ID, or search for Locations nearest to your phone's current geo-location, or use the System Map and then click on any Location of interest
    • Once a Location is selected, today's entire schedule at that Location is displayed (as of the current time)
      • Make a note of the Location ID for future reference
      • The page can also be set to a future date to see the complete schedule on that day
      • Any trip shown can be expanded to display detail of all stops from that Location all the way to the Trip Destination
    • Try Schedule by Stop Now

    A Location ID can be any valid 4-digit Bus Stop ID or any of these Transit Center Lane Codes:

    Capitola Mall
    • capm1
    • capm2
    Santa Cruz
    • scmc1
    • scmc2
    • scmc3
    • scmc4
    Scotts Valley
    • svtc
    • wtc1
    • wtc2






    2) Via Text Message: A 2-Way (non-subscription) service

    Example: Mobile phone screenshot with outgoing message to 468-311

    • Text "scm xxxx" (where xxxx is a valid Location ID) to the "short-code" phone number 468-311
      • Allow a moment to receive a single text message reply of the immediate schedule information (as of the current time) at that Location ID (example shown to right)
      • Text messaging will become quicker and easier as your phone accumulates a history for the number 468-311
    • Use the website to look up ANY Location ID, and make a note of it for future reference