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Subscriber Alerts: Text Message or Email Notifications

Receive text messages, emails, or both!

Subscribers receive route alerts regarding delays, schedule changes, general information, and upcoming agency events.

Example: Mobile phone screenshot with incoming message from 468-311 that reads

There are two ways to subscribe:

Subscribe by Web

Subscribe by Text Message

Use your text enabled mobile phone to directly subscribe to a single route at a time.


Text "scm rtxx" to 468-311 (where "xx" represents the route, valid route subscription codes listed below).

Text "scm help" to receive information about this service.

Text "scm stop" to unsubscribe and stop receiving additional messages.

Text "scm start" to re-subscribe after "scm stop" is sent.

Message and Data rates may apply. Up to 5 messages per week.

Use These Valid Route Subscription Codes to Subscribe by Text Message

Example: Mobile phone screenshot with outgoing message to 468-311 that reads
  • Commuter Service
    • "scm rt17" – Amtrak Highway 17 Express
  • Local Santa Cruz
    • "scm rt3" – Mission/Natural Bridges
    • "scm rt4" – Harvey West/Emeline
  • UCSC & Westside
    • "scm rt10" – University via High Street
    • "scm rt15" – University via Laurel West
    • "scm rt16" – University via Laurel East
    • "scm rt19" – University via Lower Bay
    • "scm rt20" – University via Westside
    • "scm rt22" – UCSC/Coastal Science Campus
  • Scotts Valley / SLV
    • "scm rt33" – Lompico SLV/Felton Faire
    • "scm rt34" – South Felton
    • "scm rt35" – Santa Cruz to San Lorenzo Valley
  • North Coast
    • "scm rt40" – Davenport/North Coast Beaches
    • "scm rt41" – Bonny Doon
    • "scm rt42" – Davenport/Bonny Doon
  • Mid-County
    • "scm rt55" – Rio Del Mar
  • Live Oak
    • "scm rt66" – Live Oak via 17th
    • "scm rt68" – Live Oak via Broadway/Portola
  • Cabrillo / South County
    • "scm rt69" – Capitola Road/Cabrillo/Watsonville
    • "scm rt71" – Santa Cruz to Watsonville
    • "scm rt91x" – Commuter Express Santa Cruz/Watsonville
  • Local Watsonville
    • "scm rt72" – Corralitos
    • "scm rt74" – Ohlone Parkway/Rolling Hills
    • "scm rt75" – Green Valley
    • "scm rt79" – East Lake