Schedule - Winter Service (through 03/04/2020)
35 - San Lorenzo Valley (SLV)

Winter Route 35 Alerts

Quarterly Service Updates

Route 35/35A – Santa Cruz to San Lorenzo Valley

Weekdays/Weekends:  The Felton Fair stop (Stop ID 1422) and timepoint have been discontinued.

Weekdays:  All afternoon “ST” trips will begin at SLV High School instead of Felton Fair and will no longer serve the following stops: Stop ID 1422 Graham Hill Rd (Felton Fair); Stop ID 2559 Graham Hill Rd & Hwy 9 (Covered Bridge); Stop ID 1529 Hwy 9 (Viking Cottages). The school term “ST” trips that previously departed Felton Fair at 2:20pm and 2:50pm will now depart from SLV High School at 2:25pm and 2:55pm. The 3:10pm departure from Hwy 9 & Sylvan Ave (Stop ID 1569) will now depart at 3:15pm.

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