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Use Google To Plan Your Next Trip!

  • Find your way by bus around Santa Cruz County and across all participating agencies.
  • Find the next bus, wherever you're going.
  • If you've ever gotten driving directions on Google Maps, you already know how.
  • Compare the public transit cost with that of driving the same route.

Click here for a brief demo video from Google.

The Google Transit trip planner is the next logical extension of Google Maps driving directions that many are already familiar with using.

As customary, enter the specifics of where you want to go (origin and destination), but now you get to decide how to get there (by car, walking, or by public transit) and optionally when you'd like to leave or arrive (specify time-of-day and/or future date, otherwise next-available trips). Planned service for weekdays, weekends, and holidays will be accurately reflected in the trip plan by choosing the date of travel.


Google then uses all available public transportation schedules and information (provided by participating transit agencies) to provide up to three suggested trip plans with the most efficient step-by-step transit directions, which you can print and take with you, or access from your mobile phone while you are out and about.


We recommend you check all of the suggested trip plans provided, as one may provide a trip that better meets your time, or your budget.

Compare The Cost

  • Each trip plan Google provides will display a cost comparison of your public transit trip plan with that of driving a car (based on Metro adult cash fares, and federal mileage rates).
  • Transfers are not permitted, so each leg of a trip will add additional cost per boarding. The total cost should always be shown for each trip plan, but the least expensive plan may not be provided first.
  • Metro Day Passes, Monthly Passes, and Discount Passes are available but Google does not provide this information in the trip plan.
  • Save money by purchasing a Day Pass if you will ride three times or more in a day!

Terms And Conditions Of Use:

METRO strives to provide quality information through Google Transit, but cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. This is a new and experimental service that is still being refined both by Google and participating transit agencies. It is recommended that riders double-check all suggested trip plans from Google with METRO's published schedules, and service calendar.   Please also see the Google Transit Terms and Conditions

What should I do if I receive an incorrect, misleading, or confusing trip plan?

Please refer to our Google Transit FAQ page.

More Information Available From Google: