Santa Cruz METRO is committed to providing safe, efficient and courteous transportation. 

Here are some tips to help ensure that all your travels aboard Santa Cruz METRO are enjoyable.

Trip Planners and Real-Time Apps

  • Review our Apps Page, to plan your trip and know exactly when the bus will arrive at your stop.

Preparing To Board

  • You may board (or alight) at Transit Centers, or wherever there is a METRO bus stop posted
  • Be at your boarding location a few minutes before the departure time listed in the schedule
  • Each bus stop displays the schedules of each route served by that stop
  • To expedite boarding, please have your Splash Pass App Mobile Ticket, exact cash fare, or pass ready to present to the Operator


  • Before boarding, please allow bus passengers the courtesy to exit first and maintain physical distance
  • Please use handrails to help you board safely
  • Due to safety concerns, passengers are NOT allowed to board a bus once the bus has pulled away from the curb
  • Cash Fares: Please have exact change ready when boarding the bus
    • Dollar bills are accepted, but Operators do not make change
  • If you need a day pass, please inform the Operator before inserting money
  • Show your Splash Pass App Mobile Ticket to the Operator


  • Courtesy stop requests at unmarked locations may be honored at the discretion of the individual Operator
  • For your safety, passengers with small children should alight through the front doors
  • Please use handrails to help you alight safely


  • All METRO buses have front loading racks that can accommodate up to 3 bicycles

Service Animals and Pets

  • Service Animals are allowed on all METRO buses
  • Pet animals are ONLY allowed aboard METRO buses if they are carried inside cases specifically designed for the transporting of animals

Allowed Items

  • Two-wheeled shopping carts, walkers, mobility devices, folding strollers, and folding bikes (under five (5) feet in length when folded) are allowed inside of the bus as long as they can be folded and stored out of the aisle and controlled by the passenger.
    • For the safety of all passengers, please fold and store items out of the aisle and keep controlled at all times
  • Sealed food & drink are permitted on the bus, but eating and drinking onboard a bus is prohibited
    • Common sense and cooperation with the Operator in maintaining this policy is appreciated

Restricted Items

  • METRO is enforcing and limiting carry-on items by asking customers to ony bring one carry-on item that can fit on one's lap (with the exception of groceries bags in which 1-2 bags may be brought onboard pending space availability).
  • Items exceeding five (5) feet in length are NOT permitted inside a METRO bus
    • This includes surfboards and fishing poles
  • Smoking and vaping is prohibited on METRO buses, at all Transit Centers, and within 40' of all METRO bus stops
  • Other restricted items include:
    • hoverboards
    • open containers of alcoholic beverages
      • The consumption of alcohol is prohibited on the bus
      • Alcohol may be transported on the bus, as long as it remains unopened
    • car/motorcycle batteries
    • fireworks
    • firearms
    • gasoline or any caustic or flammable materials or containers

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