Schedule - Winter Service (through 03/13/2024)
2 - Capitola/Cabrillo/Main

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Route 2 – Capitola/Cabrillo/Main


Weekdays/Weekends: This new route mainly follows the route of discontinued Route 69W, but with some segments that used to be Route 71. From Santa Cruz Metro Center to Cabrillo College, it runs up Front St - River St - Water St to Poplar Ave (the routing of Route 71), then Soquel Ave - Capitola Road - Capitola Mall (route of 69W). From Capitola Road, it will operate on 41st Ave to Soquel Dr to Cabrillo College (route of 69W). From Cabrillo College, the route continues along Soquel Dr to Freedom Blvd (route of 71), where it enters Hwy 1 to Main St in Watsonville (returning to 69W route). Finally, it will continue along Main St to W. Lake Ave to Watsonville Transit Center (unlike Route 69W, it will not run on Rodriguez St).

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