Schedule - Winter Service (through 03/13/2024)
3B - UCSC/Capitola Mall/Live Oak

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Route 3A/3B – UCSC/Capitola Mall/Live Oak


Weekdays/Weekends: This new route offers direct service from Capitola Mall, Live Oak, and Seabright to UCSC by combining segments of Live Oak routes 66 and 68 with former UCSC Route 10 that ran via High St. Both the 3A and 3B routes start at Capitola Mall, travel down 41st Ave then 38th Ave to Portola Dr and 17th Ave. At 17th Ave, 3A continues along East Cliff Dr, eventually turning right at 7th Ave. Route 3B follows the path of the former Route 66, along 17th Ave, left on Brommer St, and right on 7th Ave. From 7th Ave and Brommer St, both routes continue up 7th Ave to Soquel Ave, then Soquel Ave (passing Harbor High) to Seabright Ave, then Broadway to the Metro Center. From the Metro Center, both routes 3A and 3B follow the route of the former route 10 along High St to UCSC, but access the campus loop from the West Gate rather than the Main Gate. From UCSC, the route returns to the Metro Center, then returns to Capitola Mall along the same routes of Brommer/17th or East Cliff.

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