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Route 90X – Watsonville – Santa Cruz Express


Weekdays: The route will provide express service in the morning and afternoon peak hours between Watsonville and Santa Cruz via Highway 1. It will start at Watsonville Transit Center and serve limited stops on Main St before entering Highway 1. The route will exit Highway 1 at Soquel Dr, then make limited stops along Soquel Ave and Water St on the way to Santa Cruz Metro Center. From Santa Cruz Metro Center, it will follow the same route in reverse: Water St, Soquel Ave, Hwy 1, and Main St to Watsonville Transit Center. Route 90X does not serve Cabrillo College; however, frequent service to Cabrillo College is provided by Routes 1 and 2 from both Watsonville, Santa Cruz, Aptos, and Soquel. Route 73 provides additional service to Cabrillo from Watsonville, Freedom/Day Valley, and Aptos.

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Monday - Friday Outbound (Watsonville)

Trip Info
Santa Cruz Metro Lane 4
Soquel Ave & 7th Ave
Green Valley & Main
Watsonville Transit Center
6:00am trip Footnote 16:08am6:23am6:31am
7:00am trip7:08am7:23am7:31am
8:00am trip8:08am8:23am8:31am
3:15pm trip3:29pm3:55pm4:03pm
4:15pm trip4:27pm5:05pm5:13pm
5:15pm trip5:27pm6:05pm6:13pm
Transfers to MST may be available on this route - visit our Transfer Policy Page
Trips marked "ST" adhere to the Cabrillo/South County School Term Calendar

Footnote Description 1 - All trips to Watsonville stop at the timepoints listed above and the following stops: Santa Cruz Government Center (Water & Ocean), Water & N Branciforte, Soquel & Frederick, Soquel & LaFonda, Main & Pennsylvania, and Rodriguez & Main.