Schedule - Spring Service (through 06/19/2024)
90X - Express

Spring Route 90X Alerts

Quarterly Service Updates

Route 90X – Watsonville – Santa Cruz Express


Weekdays: Six trips have been added in each direction; service will be provided every 30 minutes in both directions in the morning and afternoon peak hours, instead of every 60 minutes. From Watsonville, Water and Poplar Ave (Stop #1903) will be added as a stop; Soquel Ave & San Juan Ave (Stop #1796) and Water & N. Branciforte Ave (Stop #1899) will no longer be served. From Santa Cruz, Water and Poplar Ave (Stop # 2728) will be added as a stop; Soquel Ave & Frederick (Stop #1795) and Water & N. Branciforte Ave (Stop #1900) will no longer be served.

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Monday - Friday Outbound (Express to Watsonville)

Trip Info
RiverFront Area 3
Soquel Ave & 7th Ave
Watsonville Transit Center
6:00am trip Footnote 16:08am6:31am
6:30am trip6:38am7:01am
7:00am trip7:08am7:31am
7:30am trip7:38am8:01am
8:00am trip8:08am8:31am
8:30am trip8:38am9:01am
3:15pm trip3:29pm4:03pm
3:45pm trip3:59pm4:33pm
4:15pm trip4:27pm5:13pm
4:45pm trip4:57pm5:43pm
5:15pm trip5:27pm6:13pm
5:45pm trip5:57pm6:43pm
Transfers to MST may be available on this route - visit our Transfer Policy Page
Trips marked "ST" adhere to the Cabrillo/South County School Term Calendar

Footnote Description 1 - All trips to Watsonville stop at the timepoints listed above and the following stops: Water & Ocean, Water & Poplar, Soquel & LaFonda, Main & Green Valley, Main & Pennsylvania, and Rodriguez & Main.