• Santa Cruz METRO does NOT issue transfers on Local service
  • Save money by purchasing a Day Pass in advance, or from the Operator

Monterey Salinas Transit (MST)

Santa Cruz METRO Passengers to MST:

  • Santa Cruz METRO transfers or Day Passes cannot be applied towards the purchase of any MST fare media
  • MST will honor a free valid Santa Cruz METRO transfer as payment for:
    • passengers boarding lines 26, 27, 28 and 29 at the Watsonville Transit Center
    • passengers boarding line 78 at the Santa Cruz METRO Center (Pacific Station)
  • MST will NOT honor transfers issued from the Amtrak/Highway 17 Express service
  • MST will honor Santa Cruz METRO discount photo ID for travel on any MST route along with the appropriate discount fare
  • MST does NOT honor Santa Cruz METRO 31-Day passes

MST Passengers to Santa Cruz METRO:

  • Santa Cruz METRO will honor free valid MST transfers for one-way travel within the Santa Cruz METRO service area as far as Santa Cruz Metro Center (Pacific Station)
    • There is no additional fare to travel to Santa Cruz when boarding with an MST transfer
    • Obtain a transfer when you first board MST
  • An MST transfer will be issued on line 78 for free travel on any one Santa Cruz METRO bus with the exception of Amtrak/Highway 17 Express service
  • Santa Cruz METRO will honor MST discount photo ID for travel on any Santa Cruz METRO route along with the appropriate discount fare
  • MST GoPasses are not honored by Amtrak/Highway 17 Express

Valley Transit Authority (VTA)

Amtrak/Highway 17 Express Day Passes (Day, 31-Day) :

  • Allow unlimited rides on ALL Santa Cruz METRO & VTA Local routes
  • VTA Light Rail Transfers are issued ONLY with:
    • Highway 17 Express Day Pass, Highway 17 Express Cruz Pass, and Cruz Cash cards