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 Quarterly Service Changes

Winter Service (Dec 14, 2017 - Mar 7, 2018)

Route 20D – UCSC via Westside

See Route Schedule: 20 20D     See Route Map: 20 20D

Weekdays: The departure times have been adjusted to depart Bay & Laguna 10 minutes later, at :15 past the hour.

Route 69W – Capitola Rd. / Cabrillo / Watsonville

See Route Schedule: 69W     See Route Map: 69W

The inbound Soquel Dr & 41st Ave stop (ID 1817) has been moved further east – across from the entrance to Safeway – and will now serve Route 69W in addition to Route 71.

Fall Service (Sep 7, 2017 - Dec 13, 2017)

Highway 17 Express

See Route Schedule: 17     See Route Map: 17

Trip run times have returned to the regular (non-Summer) run times. In addition, the departure times at Cavallaro Transit Center in Scotts Valley for northbound trips toward San Jose have been adjusted slightly (2 to 3 minutes).

Weekends: All trips will return to the regular (non-Summer) routing, serving the Ocean & Water stops.

Route 3 - Mission / Beach

See Route Schedule: 03     See Route Map: 03

Two new stops will be added on McAllister Way - one outbound and one inbound – to serve the UCSC Coastal Biology Building.

Weekdays: All trips will depart from Santa Cruz Metro Center 10 minutes later, at :32 past the hour, from 7:32am to 5:32pm.

Weekends: All trips will return to the regular (non-Summer) weekend routing via Beach St. to 2nd St.

Route 22 (NEW ROUTE) - UCSC / Coastal Science Campus

See Route Schedule: 22     See Route Map: 22

Weekdays: This new school term only (“ST”) route has been added between the UCSC main campus and UCSC Coastal Science Campus on McAllister Way (including Long Marine Lab, Seymour Marine Discovery Center, and the Coastal Biology Building), via Western Dr. This route does NOT serve Santa Cruz Metro Center or downtown. The routing is the same as Route 20 from the main UCSC campus to Natural Bridges Dr at Delaware Ave. From there, the route turns right onto Delaware Ave to the Coastal Science Campus, following the routing of Route 3 along Delaware Ave and McAllister Way. The first trip of the day will depart from Bay & High at 7:15am. All other trips will depart from the Seymour Center at :05 past the hour from 8:05am to 6:05pm.

PRINT ERROR: The Route 22 schedule shown in the Fall Headways bus booklet does not properly designate the 2:35pm, 4:15pm, and 6:40pm trips as Mon/Wed/Fri and the 5:30pm and 7:45pm trips as Tue/Thu.  Please refer to the website and schedules posted at the bus stop for this correct designation.

Route 42 – Davenport / Bonny Doon

See Route Schedule: 42     See Route Map: 42

Weekdays: The departure times have been adjusted 5 minutes earlier at the Empire Grade & Felton Empire Rd timepoint for the first two trips: the timepoint will now be 4:30pm and 6:30pm. The timepoint will remain at 9:28pm for the last trip of the day.

Route 69A – Capitola Road / Santa Cruz

See Route Schedule: 69A     See Route Map: 69A

Weekdays: The departure times have been adjusted 5 minutes earlier at certain timepoints for the 4:50pm departure from Watsonville Transit Center. The timepoint for Capitola Mall will be 5:35pm; Capitola Rd & 7th Ave will be 5:42pm; the trip will arrive at Santa Cruz Metro Center at 6:00pm.

Route 71 – Santa Cruz / Watsonville

See Route Schedule: 71     See Route Map: 71

Weekdays/Weekends: The 11:45pm departure from Santa Cruz will return to its regular routing starting from Santa Cruz Metro Center rather than starting at the Summer departure point at the Boardwalk.

Weekends: Service has been increased to run every 30 minutes from morning until mid-afternoon. These additional trips will depart Santa Cruz Metro Center at :15 past the hour from 7:15am through 3:15pm, and will serve Crestview Center. Trips from Santa Cruz to Watsonville departing at :45 past the hour from 7:45am to 3:45pm are via Clifford Drive. From 4:45pm to 8:45pm, trips alternate between serving Crestview Center and Clifford Drive. The last three trips, at 9:45pm, 10:45pm, and 11:45pm, all serve Clifford Drive. Additional trips from Watsonville Transit Center will depart at :40 past the hour from 6:40am through 2:40pm and serve Clifford Drive. Trips from Watsonville to Santa Cruz departing at :10 past the hour from 7:10am to 3:10pm serve Crestview Center. From 4:10pm to 8:10pm, trips from Watsonville to Santa Cruz alternate between serving Clifford Drive and Crestview Center.

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