Santa Cruz METRO provides free printed booklets and brochures onboard all Buses, at our Transit Centers, and at all Pass Vendor Locations throughout Santa Cruz County.

For your online convenience, we also provide the printable PDF versions of these same printed publications (requires Adobe Reader).

ACCESSIBILITY DISCLAIMER: The PDF's provided are not accessible documents, and all the information provided within this collection of METRO PDF's is also directly available throughout this website.

METRO's free quarterly print publication is designed to travel with you to provide all the information you need while riding the bus.

Amtrak Highway 17 Schedule accessible web page

This is the same highway 17 commuter express service information shown on the back pages of Headways, but in a convenient fold-up brochure. The free brochure is available on the Highway 17 buses, at Santa Cruz METRO Center (Pacific Station), VTA Downtown Information Center, and Diridon Train Station in San Jose.

Bikes & Buses accessible web page

METRO encourages customers to bike and ride on our Transit System. This brochure is intended to answer questions about METRO’s policies and procedures in order to make your travels pleasant and safe.