Santa Cruz METRO’s Smartphone Apps

Santa Cruz METRO is making it even easier to travel by bus with a host of new technology solutions that will allow the connected commuter to get around with the help of their smart phone by downloading our apps from the App Store and Google Play.


Whether you need help locating a bus schedule, obtaining real-time arrival information, booking a Cruz On-Demand or ParaCruz ride, purchasing a pass, or purchasing an overnight parking permit METRO has the app to assist you.


Start Planning Your Trip: Bus Schedules

Transit App

METRO bus schedules, along with most other transit agencies, are available with Transit App.


Transit App for iOS

Transit App for Android

How to use Transit App


Booking Your Trip: For Cruz On-Demand and ParaCruz Rides


Customers who want to schedule a Cruz On-Demand ride or a ParaCruz ride have the convenience of viewing available trips and booking their own rides via METRO’s Ecolane App or via the Ecolane online portal.


Ecolane allows customers to schedule a Cruz On-Demand ride, throughout Santa Cruz County, on-demand rather than waiting at a bus stop. Whether running a neighborhood errand or connecting to the nearest Transit Center for longer journeys, a Cruz On-Demand vehicle will come to you when you schedule it for service to any address within METRO’s service area up to a maximum distance of three miles. Cruz On-Demand is a shared ride experience on smaller vans operated by METRO’s trained ParaCruz operators. For more information visit Cruz On-Demand Page. Simply download the Ecolane app from the App Store and Google Play to get started.


For customers enrolled in METRO’s ParaCruz service, the Ecolane app can be used to book and cancel ParaCruz trips. ParaCruz customers will first need to contact METRO’s ParaCruz Customer Service Department at (831) 425-4664 to enroll you in the Ecolane program. A valid email address will need to be provided at the time of enrollment. After enrollment, ParaCruz customers can download the Ecolane app on their smartphone devices through the App Store and Google Play or customers can access Ecolane via an online portal.


How to use Ecolane for Cruz On-Demand Customers:

  1. Download the app from:
  2. Once downloaded, the login page will allow new users to self-register. To self-register, first select “Santa Cruz Metro” from the agency drop-down list, then click Sign Up. You will then be prompted to enter your personal details including name and email as well as create a login name and password.
  3. Once successfully registered for Ecolane you will receive a pop-up message indicating “Registration was Successful.” Please check the email you used to register to complete your signup by finding the confirmation Ecolane email and clicking on the link to confirm your email address. You are now all set-up to begin booking trips with Ecolane.
  4. To book a trip re-open the Ecolane app and “Login.”
  5. The first time you login to Ecolane the app will ask you if you would like to enable location settings. Feel free to choose the option you are comfortable with.
  6. To book a new trip, click “Book a New Trip” from the navigation menu on the bottom of your screen.
  7. Choose either “Leave At” or “Arrive By” at the top of your screen.
  8. Then enter the date, time, pick-up location, and drop-off location of your trip. If you will be using a mobility device during your trip, select it on the menu. You can also leave any notes your driver may need to help in picking you up.
  9. The trip fare will then be calculated based upon the trip length. To confirm your trip, push “Book Now” at the bottom of your screen. Your reservation will then be sent to our dispatching system.
  10. After booking your trip, a pop-up message will appear asking if you would like to book a return trip. You can select “Yes” or “No” to advance to the next screen.
  11. Once your trip has been successfully booked it will appear under “Upcoming Trips.” You are now ready to ride. On the day of your scheduled trip, a “Ready Window” will appear with additional information on when you can expect your vehicle to arrive. Please be ready to board the vehicle during that “Ready Window.”
  12. To pay for your fare you can either use the METRO Splash Pass app or pay with cash onboard.
  13. .With the Splash Pass you can purchase a single ride $4 or $6 Cruz On-Demand fare – purchase the fare calculated by Ecolane or by METRO Customer Service (if the ride was booked by phone).

Ecolane Resources:

Download Ecolane Instructions


Paying for Your Trip: Contactless and Cashless Payment Methods

Santa Cruz METRO Splash Pass

There has never been an easier more convenient payment method to purchase your fares than with the METRO’s mobile ticketing app, the METRO Splash Pass. METRO riders on both local routes and the Highway 17 Express are now able to purchase their tickets using their Apple or Android smartphones by downloading the METRO Splash Pass on the App Store and Google Play.


Mobile ticketing is a great resource that allows for contactless payment and processing of fares. It is also an easy way to avoid the hassle of arriving early to purchase your ticket from a sales agent or vending machine or waiting in a long line as each passenger pays their cash fare. Shorter lines mean the bus gets you back on the road even faster than before!


How to use METRO’s Splash Pass:

  1. Download the app from:
  2. Select your Fare Type (Local, Discount, Highway 17 Express, etc.) and then the type of ticket/pass (1-Ride, Day Pass, 15-Ride, 31-Day Pass) and complete your purchase.
  3. Once your ticket is added to the Ticket Wallet, it will still need to be activated just before boarding the bus. Once activated, the ticket will be good for up to 30-minutes on local routes, or 90-minutes on Highway 17 Express. Period passes (Day Passes, 3-Day Passes, 7-Day Passes, or 31-Day Passes) will continue to be good for the duration of the period for which they were purchased. As you board the bus, show your activated ticket to the operator and that’s it!
  4. You are ready to ride.

METRO’s Splash Pass Resources:

METRO Splash Pass Download Instructions

FAQs for METRO Splash Pass

METRO Splash Pass Launch


Splash Pass on the Highway 17 Express:



Splash Pass on local routes and Cruz On-Demand:


Diminishing Balance for Enrolled ParaCruz Customers

Although not technically an app, Diminishing Balance is a great payment method for ParaCruz fares.


Customers who are enrolled in METRO’s ParaCruz service can create a Diminishing Balance Account to pay for their ParaCruz rides without the need for cash or coupons. ParaCruz customers will first need to contact METRO’s ParaCruz Customer Service Department at (831) 425-4664 to open a Diminishing Balance Account. After enrollment, ParaCruz customers can add funds to their accounts online, by mailing a check to METRO’s ParaCruz Customer Service Department, or in person by visiting one of our Customer Service Windows at Pacific Station in Santa Cruz or the Watsonville Transit Center. For more information call (831) 425-4664.

Overnight Parking While Using METRO Services: Highway 17 Riders

Passport Parking App

Santa Cruz METRO now offers a mobile app, Passport Parking App, for purchasing overnight parking at our Scotts Valley Cavallaro Transit Center.

How to use the Passport Parking App:

  1. The Passport Parking App can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play on your Apple or Android smartphones.
  2. Or permits can also be purchased via the website by clicking the “Pay Online” link.
  3. You will then be prompted to enter the parking zone, Scotts Valley Transit Center is Zone 9506.

Parking is $5 per night and can be purchased for up to two weeks at a time using the App. Permits are only required for overnight customer parking.


Coming Soon...

Real-Time Bus Tracking and Schedule Information

METRO will be introducing an app to help customers find out when the next bus will actually arrive. METRO's real-time arrival app will allow customers to track the exact location of their bus and stay on top of unexpected delays and plan their day. METRO expects to provide a final release date for this app shortly.