Santa Cruz Metropolitan

Transit District


METRO Use of Measure D Funding in Fiscal Year 17/18

Measure D funding in the amount of $3,358,782 was received by METRO in FY17/18. Interest earned was $19,647 for total funding available of $3,378,429. These funds were used to support operations by increasing Fixed-route service, sustaining ParaCruz service, and maintaining service reliability. Funds were also used to leverage grant opportunities to fund capital vehicle replacements along with bus mid-life overhauls, bus repaints and a new capitalized lease that added 3 buses to METRO’s aging Fixed-route fleet.

Details include:

  • Measure D monies in the amount of $1,398,414 were used in FY17/18 to fund the 9 Fixed-route Bus Operator positions and the 1 Paracruz operator position detailed below:
    • As part of the reduced annual budget for FY16/17 (adopted in June 2016) METRO funded 4 Fixed-route Bus Operator positions using cash reserves to bridge the gap until FY18, in hopes that Measure D would be successful. If Measure D had not been successful, these services would have been eliminated. As a direct result of the passage of Measure D, these 4 Fixed-route Bus Operator positions were funded, and continue to be funded into FY18/19.
    • Measure D funds also provided an increase of 4 Fixed-route Bus Operators to improve service reliability, something that has been difficult since the staffing reduction that came with the cost savings measures implemented with the FY16/17 budget.
    • At the request of the METRO Board on May 19, 2017, an additional $120,000 of Measure D funds was committed and used to fund 1 additional Fixed-route Bus Operator position and the associated operating costs. That position provided additional trips on the Route 71.
    • In addition to funding increased Fixed-route services, Measure D funds allowed METRO to fund 1 Paracruz operator and to sustain its current level of service, which actually exceeds the service level required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If Measure D had not been successful, both Fixed-route and ParaCruz service levels would have been subject to reduction.
  • The Measure D funds also allowed METRO to pursue grant opportunities for Fixed-route buses and ParaCruz van replacements along with bus mid-life overhauls, bus repaints, and 3 new lease-to-own Fixed-route buses. The new vehicles increase service reliability while the mid-life overhauls and bus repaints decrease maintenance costs.
    • In FY17/18, the Measure D funds also helped leverage a variety of capital grants by providing the local match. METRO was able to commit funds to $6.8 million in bus and van related capital projects and spent $532,332. The remainder of the funds ($1,045,869) received but not spent in FY17/18 were “rolled forward” to FY18/19 to complete the vehicle capital projects in progress, and provide the local match to new grant opportunities.