Schedule - Spring Service (through 06/10/2020)
17 - Amtrak Highway 17 Express

Spring Route 17 Alerts

Service Alerts

All Transit Center Lobbies Closed and Expect Service Disruptions

The METRO Pacific Station Transit Center lobby and Watsonville Transit Center lobby will be closed from 6pm March 17th through at least April 6th, and tentatively reopen on April 7th. Bus operations at both facilities are expected to continue as normal.

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Quarterly Service Updates

Highway 17 Express

Weekdays: The route in downtown San Jose has changed: from San Jose Diridon to San Jose State University (SJSU), the route goes along Santa Clara St to a new timepoint and final stop at E. Santa Clara & 6th (Stop ID 0924). Former stops at 2nd & Santa Clara (Stop ID 0917), and E. San Fernando & 5th (Stop ID 0919) have been discontinued. From San Jose to Scotts Valley and Santa Cruz, trips continue to depart from E. San Fernando & 7th (Stop ID 0914), but then turn right on 6th St, left on E. Santa Clara St, and serve a new stop at E. Santa Clara & 5th (Stop ID 0925). The route then continues along Santa Clara St to San Jose Diridon serving existing Highway 17 Express stops. Former stops at E. San Fernando & 5th (Stop ID 0911) and 1st & Santa Clara (Stop ID 0922) have been discontinued.

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Monday - Friday Northbound to San Jose

Transfers to/from VTA may be available on this route - visit our Transfer Policy Page
Trip Info
Santa Cruz Metro Lane 2
Cavallaro Transit Center (Scotts Vly)
Diridon Station (Caltrain Depot)
E Santa Clara & S 6th
4:40am trip4:54am5:38am5:46am
5:25am trip5:39am6:23am6:31am
5:45am trip5:59am6:43am6:51am
6:00am trip6:16am7:05am7:13am
6:40am trip7:35am7:43am
6:50am trip7:39am7:47am
6:50am trip7:06am8:00am8:08am
7:25am trip7:41am8:35am8:43am
7:55am trip8:11am9:05am9:13am
8:50am trip9:40am9:48am
9:15am trip9:31am10:15am10:23am
10:15am trip11:05am11:13am
11:00am trip11:16am12:00pm12:08pm
12:00pm trip12:16pm1:00pm1:08pm
1:10pm trip2:00pm2:08pm
1:55pm trip2:45pm2:53pm
 Fri Only2:15pm trip3:09pm3:19pm
2:25pm trip2:42pm3:29pm3:39pm
3:00pm trip3:17pm4:04pm4:14pm
 Fri Only3:15pm trip4:09pm4:19pm
3:30pm trip3:47pm4:34pm4:44pm
4:00pm trip5:01pm5:11pm
 Fri Only4:15pm trip5:16pm5:26pm
4:25pm trip Footnote 14:42pm5:41pm5:51pm
5:00pm trip6:01pm6:11pm
5:25pm trip Footnote 15:42pm6:41pm6:51pm
5:47pm trip Footnote 16:04pm7:03pm7:13pm
 Fri Only6:30pm trip7:18pm7:26pm
7:15pm trip8:03pm8:11pm
8:15pm trip8:29pm9:13pm9:21pm
9:30pm trip10:18pm10:26pm
Transfers to/from VTA may be available on this route - visit our Transfer Policy Page

Footnote Description 1 - Serves Scotts Valley Drive.