Schedule - Fall Service (through 12/11/2019)
17 - Amtrak Highway 17 Express

Fall Route 17 Alerts

Quarterly Service Updates

Highway 17 Express

Weekdays/ Weekends: Trip run times have returned to the regular (non-Summer) run times.

Weekdays: The outbound and inbound stops at W Santa Clara & Almaden Ave (Stop IDs 0909 and 0921) have been discontinued. The W Santa Clara & Almaden Blvd stops will continue to be served.

Weekends: The last trip, departing San Jose Diridon at 10:10pm, will now serve Cavallaro Transit Center (Scotts Valley).

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Monday - Friday Northbound to San Jose

Transfers to/from VTA may be available on this route - visit our Transfer Policy Page
Trip Info
Santa Cruz Metro Lane 2
Cavallaro Transit Center (Scotts Vly)
Diridon Station (Caltrain Depot)
San Fernando & 5th
4:40am trip4:54am5:38am5:46am
5:25am trip5:39am6:23am6:31am
5:45am trip5:59am6:43am6:51am
6:00am trip6:16am7:05am7:13am
6:40am trip7:35am7:43am
6:50am trip7:39am7:47am
6:50am trip7:06am8:00am8:08am
7:25am trip7:41am8:35am8:43am
7:55am trip8:11am9:05am9:13am
8:50am trip9:40am9:48am
9:15am trip9:31am10:15am10:23am
10:15am trip11:05am11:13am
11:00am trip11:16am12:00pm12:08pm
12:00pm trip12:16pm1:00pm1:08pm
1:10pm trip2:00pm2:08pm
1:55pm trip2:45pm2:53pm
 Fri Only2:15pm trip3:09pm3:19pm
2:25pm trip2:42pm3:29pm3:39pm
3:00pm trip3:17pm4:04pm4:14pm
 Fri Only3:15pm trip4:09pm4:19pm
3:30pm trip3:47pm4:34pm4:44pm
4:00pm trip5:01pm5:11pm
 Fri Only4:15pm trip5:16pm5:26pm
4:25pm trip Footnote 14:42pm5:41pm5:51pm
5:00pm trip6:01pm6:11pm
5:25pm trip Footnote 15:42pm6:41pm6:51pm
5:47pm trip Footnote 16:04pm7:03pm7:13pm
 Fri Only6:30pm trip7:18pm7:26pm
7:15pm trip8:03pm8:11pm
8:15pm trip8:29pm9:13pm9:21pm
9:30pm trip10:18pm10:26pm
Transfers to/from VTA may be available on this route - visit our Transfer Policy Page

Footnote Description 1 - Serves Scotts Valley Drive.