Schedule - Fall Service (through 12/08/2021)
71 - Soquel/Freedom

Fall Route 71 Alerts

Quarterly Service Updates

Route 71 – Soquel/Freedom

Weekdays/Weekends: The departure times at numerous timepoints have been adjusted by several minutes. The 11:35pm departure from the Boardwalk (stop: Cliff & Beach, ID 1318) has been discontinued until next summer.

Weekends: The first Watsonville trip will continue to depart from Freedom Centre (Stop ID 1006) at 5:58am to Watsonville Transit Center, but will now arrive at 6:07am, five minutes earlier. That bus will depart Watsonville Transit Center at 6:12am to Santa Cruz Metro Center. In the schedule, this trip appears in the Santa Cruz to Watsonville direction, but passengers are permitted to stay on the bus from Watsonville to Santa Cruz.

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